Sanbay – Parcel C2 & Nautical Promenade Park

Location: Dalian, China
Client: YIDA Sanbay Estate Co., Ltd.

This community park was designed to celebrate the coastal community of Dalian by creating a place of celebration, shopping and entertainment.  This regional destination includes ocean themed play, outdoor concert venues, a retail promenade, and celebration plazas.  An important goal was to leverage this open space to create an amenity for the surrounding community (also designed by DTJ) that has something for everyone.   In an effort to address as many outdoor needs of a large community, the park incorporates over 10 sports fields/courts, 5 large themed playgrounds, an amphitheater, outdoor dining, game tables, adult exercise, Tai Chi plazas, interactive water features, garden walks, running paths and an iconic community landmark tower.

Site size: 50M linear park and open space

Parcel C2 – 17,182M2