28th Street Office

Location: Boulder, Colorado
Client: LJD Enterprises

2625 28th Street is a two-story, 5,060 sf building on a major commercial corridor. The building was designed to utilize the foundation and first floor slab of an existing building dating from the 1960’s that was razed for this project. Since the building was in the 100 year flood plain, specially engineered doors, electrical, and plumbing systems were required to meet the City’s floodproofing standards. The building has a modern character, but is texturally warm. Angle forms at the roof level were incorporated to emulate the adjacent mountain foothills. Locally quarried sandstone was used as a counterpoint to contemporary metal and glass. The contrast between these colors and forms create dynamic areas of light and texture in the south facing lobby, making a dramatic entry to the building.


Site Size: Size of Building: 5,060 s.f.; Size of Site: 14,392 s.f.
Design Services: Architecture