One Boulder Plaza

Location:  Boulder, Colorado
Client:  Vail Lizard, LLC


The four-building complex of One Boulder Plaza includes retail, restaurants, residential condominiums, office space, and underground parking, all organized around a public plaza. The two-square block project is located close to Boulder’s Downtown Pedestrian Mall. The project consists of three new mixed-use buildings and an extensive addition and remodel to an existing bank building. The oval plaza hosts civic activities and restaurant seating in summer months, and converts to an ice skating rink during winter.


Site Size: 

Residences: 115,000 SF

Office: 178,500 SF

Retail: 45,000 SF

Bank w/ Drive Thru: 20,000 SF

Under-building Parking Spaces 

Design Services:  Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture in association with CommArts, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado