Pai Hu

Location: Wuhan, China
Client: C-Bons Real Estate Development

The Pai Hu resort community is designed to embrace land stewardship and provide a memorable experience for resort guests. The Resort Village and Eco-Village are each located to complement their unique environment. Distinct golf courses, resort amenities and social activities promote a legacy resort that spans generations. The Resort Village is located in the center of the resort for ease of accessibility and dramatic views across the lake. It consists of the Dragon Golf Club, Grand Hotel, Convention Center, retail, restaurants, sports facilities and residential housing. The Eco-Village is located adjacent to the Nature Preserve to allow a full and integrated experience by the Pai Hu resort guest. Lodge buildings and bungalows are delicately placed along the waters edge for optimal integration with the environment.


Site Size: 870 hectares

Amenities: Eco-Village, Resort Village, 3 18-hole Golf Courses, Golf club, Hotel, Convention Center, Retail, Restaurants 

Status: Under Construction

Design Services: Planning, Visioning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture

Awards: 2011 Gold Nugget Grand Award – Best International On-The-Boards project