Pearl Oasis Resort

Location: United Arab Emirates
Client: Confidential

Three prevailing ideas exert a powerful influence on the design of the Pearl Oasis Resort. Key among these is the notion of a garden oasis, a green area within the desert providing refuge and relief. The interplay of light and shadow, the integration with the water’s edge and pockets of lush landscape reinforce this concept. Establishing a strong relationship between an 18-hole championship golf course and the drama of water is the second hallmark of this community. Water comes into play on nearly every hole, either along internal lakes, or the Persian Gulf edge. This spectacular routing is unique to golf courses in the region. In a similar manner, the island resort is designed to feel integrated with the gulf waters; crossing the bridge, the user is transported to the peacefulness of water lapping the shore and the calming of cool garden breezes.


Site Size: 500 acres/200 hectares

Amenities: 18-Hole Golf Course, Resort Hotel/Spa, Beach Club and Restaurants

Residential Village: 760 Units

Design Services: Master Planning and Visioning