Dalian Best City Sales Center, Gingko Garden & Springfield Sunny Bay

Location: Dalian, China
Client: YIDA Best City

A Mountain Valley theme influences the overall landscape design of the Dalian Best City Sales Center. The landscape style is naturalized planting in dramatic landforms and rock outcrops. Water is represented through streams and ponds. Pedestrians experience a park space before entering the Sales Center, and the arrival plaza incorporates seating and integrated water feature. Significant planting near the Sales Center helps anchor this large facility and a formal fountain helps create height. Gardens and walks blend intimate formal spaces with a more naturalized setting. There is a woodland knoll for picnics. An amphitheater with direct connection to the Sales Center seats 400 and is oriented for distant views. Even the playground has a Mountain Valley theme.  The model courtyards include fully landscaped patios with interesting paving materials and patterns, built in dipping pools, and lush plantings. Distinctive water features incorporate runnels and water plants.

The Gingko Garden project concept was to celebrate the history, qualities and characteristics of the majestic Gingko tree.  The site is a private park and garden set between 12-18 level residential towers.  The majority of the park space is positioned on top of a parking garage, with a neighborhood retail street located on the north and west sides of the property.  Characteristics of the Gingko were portrayed through paving patterns, sculpture, site furnishings and neighborhood structures, along with the strategic location of Gingko trees.  An iconic Gingko wall meanders through the community, and plazas and playgrounds are designed to reinforce the design concept and support the multi-generational residents.  

Springfield Sunny Bay (035) is a large high end residential community of villas, midrise and highrise towers. This combination creates a varied architectural context that is reflected in 50 acres of diverse landscape.  The design includes 10 miles of trails and walks, 15 themed children’s play areas/spray parks, 15 water features, ponds, natural streams, celebration plazas, outdoor adult exercise, 50 sculptures, a ½ mile shopping/ entertainment promenade, 20 amenity buildings/guardhouses, and over 10,000 trees.  Key to the design was to develop such a large project in a way that still focused on the detailed experience of the individual.  The design of each entry, outdoor structure, play area, etc. is developed in a unique way that ties back to the theme of bringing the natural mountain landscape throughout the entire project.  The topography is incorporated into the landscape design to celebrate opportunities provided by the steep site. 

Overall Project Area:  Sales Center – 30,000MGingko Garden – 6 hectares, Sunny Bay (035) – 355,385 ㎡

Landscape Area:  Sales Center – 21,000MGingko Garden – 53,000 m2, Sunny Bay (035) – 155,530 ㎡

Status: Sales Center (036) completed 2012,  Gingko Garden (012) completed 2013, Sunny Bay (035) in progress.

Services:  Landscape Architecture