Joseph Ginther, AIA

Surfer Wannabe, Airstream Voyager and Inventive Designer

With over 20 years experience in the architecture and planning professions, Joseph provides creativity and expertise for a wide range of project types. His specialty is theming and visioning for complex architectural and contextual planning projects, particularly with a mix of uses. Joseph designs to create memorable places through a strong central vision, layered with detail, through a hierarchy of spaces, each addressing the human scale.  


“I view each project as a story. There is a story about each client’s goals and visions, the story of the place, its traditions and culture. I want to know the market and the competition. It is exactly this creative stew of art and operations and context that allows us to distill a design philosophy that is consistent with the vision of the Client and the market. To be different is better; to be memorable is best.”