Crescent Park

Location: Doha, Qatar
Client: Confidential

The primary goal for the design of Crescent Park and Park Allees is to provide a wide variety of places, amenities, and experiences as part of this 6,800-acre new community. Exploration and discovery become an important part of the Crescent Park experience by dividing the park into seven different districts of “Park Allees.” These districts relate to and influence the design for each making them unique and distinguishable from the others. The seven districts are: The Hill, The Forest, Crescent Plaza, The Canyons, The Sculptural Dunes or Waves District, The Lake and Water-Play District, and The Mosque and Sports District. Several of the districts, such as the “forest” and the “canyons” are intended to provide users with an experience not typically found in the region. A walk from one end of the Crescent Park to the other will be a journey filled with culture, discovery, and surprise.

Site Size: 110 Acres/45 Hectares

Project Data: 7 districts

Amenities: Rainforest Experience Dome, Splash Water Plaza, Performance Stage, Sculptural Wall, Pools, Ice Cave, Rock Climbing, Wave Pool, Swim Beach, Cultural Music Center, and Sunken Amphitheater

Design Services: Visioning and Landscape Archtecture