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Ireland’s Dry Stone Walls
One of the most distinct elements of the Irish landscape is the dry stone walls. When visiting the countryside of Ireland these walls are visible in many different regions of the country. They are sometimes seen in dense groups, dividing the land into many small fields. Other times these walls are seen traversing steep terrain,…
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Appreciating Street Art in Belfast
Ireland is probably most often thought of as a beautiful green rolling countryside, perhaps with the image of coastline and rain, or maybe a colorful pub filled with music and Guinness. However, much to my surprise, the city of Belfast, in Northern Ireland, boasted some of the most creative and interesting “graffiti” I’ve run into…
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Boulder’s First Parklet
A Design Competition for Boulder’s Parklet on The Hill In the Spring of 2014, the City of Boulder, CO organized its first ever design competition to design and build a parklet. What exactly is a parklet? A parklet is a miniature, often temporary, park that replaces one to two parking spaces on the street and…
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