Parks + Open Space Master Plans

At DTJ we plan for open space and green infrastructure to become the framework that connects the natural and urban areas. On its own, connecting parks, trails, and open space is a valuable amenity for all communities, and the broader region for generations to come.

A focus of DTJ’s practice is to explore ways to have all residents within 10 minutes’ walk from a park. DTJ also places a high premium on natural habitats and landscapes; through our plans we strive to strengthen nature’s role to provide ecological services, improve people’s health, and add beauty to urban environments.

Recreation is key to a healthy community. DTJ’s philosophy is that everyone in a city or county should have access to recreation facilities, whether organized sport, informal play or even pickup games. In close collaboration with our clients, we make a concerted effort to explore opportunities for equitable access to recreation, the needs of the community being met, and funding sources for recreation.