A New Take on the Corporate Retreat

The tradition of a Corporate Retreat is undergoing a revolution. While the idea of a Retreat Center isn’t new, its connection to the resort environment is evolving.

 “Corporate group travel is making a comeback as many luxury resorts across the country incorporate company retreats into their program.” (Forbes). With business retreats back on the rise, the desire for a personalized, resort-style experience prompts a new approach that invigorates previous corporate models.  On a dramatic peninsula in Lushan West Sea, the developer expanded the notion of the Corporate Retreat to a series of lodging and learning clusters, located to encourage deep inspiration.

While the building footprints are a common prototype; each of the elevations portrays a distinct, yet cohesive style. Each group of retreat clusters is linked with a jewel amenity building –celebrating intellectual study (library), business strategy (boardroom) and social interaction (dining hall).  This purposeful placement of buildings allows the dramatic setting to inspire.

In Longmont, Boulder County Colorado, Xilinx  has created a Retreat Center that is both connected and independent from the headquarters building. Connected by a bridge and open space path system, the retreat is tucked into a landscape of forest and stream. The stream headwaters flow from retreat into and through the headquarters, serving as a reminder of its presence.

The future of the Corporate Retreat is a deep collaboration of personal and corporate goals, combined with a deep respect for the environment.