A Reconnection to NATURE through PLAY

Humans have always craved a connection to the natural world, like a calling of the wild, pulling us back to our primitive roots. In the ever changing modernization of our world and living situations today, we as a culture have a strong desire to recouple ourselves to experiences that are real, add enrichment and even a touch of chaos to the rigidity of our everyday lives.

Public Parks provide an accessible connection to a slice of nature. Parks afford us that place to interject ourselves into the uncertainty and challenges that the natural world provides. And a place of respite and re-connection to our origins.

The Town of Breckenridge’s “River Park” is nested in these ideals, providing visitors from afar, and those from next door, an escape to a place that celebrates this “Reconnection to Nature.” Reflecting what makes the Blue River ecology wonderful and special, nature-inspired play structures dominate the vertical plane using materials and physical forms that mimic what nature has always provided, just simplified.  Things like log jams typically found in the cascading headwaters of the Blue River that kids can safely climb upon. To rising spires of ice and snow found in the snowpack of the adjacent high peaks, represented in the multi-play climbing towers. Appreciation of place seen in the local Trout species themed climbers, river fauna carvings hidden throughout, and beetle kill pine repurposed into seating and play elements. And a physical connection that is undeniable; direct access to the Blue River itself, providing anglers and river enthusiasts a place to interact with the life-line of the Breckenridge Valley.

River Park allows visitors to break away from the structure we humans confine ourselves to. To be unprescribed, free to learn, free to play, and free to explore however we see fit. A refueling of the soul and a Reconnection to Nature, our original playground.