Apposite Approach

An Apposite Approach to Resorts

While attempting to define authentic, I came across the word “apposite”.  I believe Gateway_Canyons_Resort_201309_163it uniquely defines the emerging efforts to depict the soul of a resort.  It’s the desire of owners, operators and visitors to experience the resort in a way that is “highly pertinent and/or appropriate” to the environment and setting.

On the Hawaiian island of Kauai, the resort community of Kukui’ula demonstrates that “there’s affection for plantation-style architecture, modestly beautiful, logical and lyrical. And there’s the element of breath underneath it all, the little thing they call aloha.”  Recognizing the subtle combination of architecture and landscape goes a long way to weaving together the built environment and activities of the specific locale.  Visitors are keen  to places that are new to the market, yet have a celebrated heritage and origin of something much deeper.

Gateway Canyons has done a notable job, through amenities, experiences, events and place-making to create a destination that is fitting to the environment.   Oftentimes the uniqueness of an experience is seen through simple tools – color and  texture.  “Each day of your visit begins in golden light as the sun illuminates  our towering peaks of granite and sandstone in shades of amber and ochre.”  Part  of the  visual success and attraction to the resort has been the appropriate use of related colors and textures in architecture and plantings that complement the drama of the surrounding canyon.

In the continuous offensive of brand and style, today’s resorts must seek to be apposite, especially within the built environment.