Boutique Resorts

Distinguishing the Boutique Resort Experience

Resort renovations continue their resurgence as developers and operators respond to pent up demand and desires of today’s vacationers. In the British Virgin Islands, boutique-scale resorts are no exception. Whether a couple seeking a quiet getaway, or multi-generations wanting to relax and vacation together, many desire privacy in a unique setting, with all the amenities of a large-scale resort.

“Whatever the solution, owners are demanding that properties be more carefully tailored to their settings… The beachfront resort must interpret its context with a modern hand that recognizes increasingly sophisticated expectations. The reimagined boutique hotel must project a unique design vision.”   – from Building Design + Construction

Surfsong Villa Resort on the island of Tortola is taking this advice seriously. Phase 1 of extensive planned renovations and rebranding has recently been completed, with a focus on the beachside villas, outdoor dining and event patio. The villas were re-designed with unique floor plans and distinct interior themes; repeat clientele can refer to them by name when they return the following year. Renovations were completed during the off-season, to keep from losing clients forced to go elsewhere. The villas were sited for privacy and boutique-scale feel, while embracing ocean views, and immediate access to resort amenities.

 “Whatever the scope, uniformity no longer sells. Economies of scale are always appealing, and no one wants to reinvent the wheel. But, increasingly, the traveling public will pay for experiences that are more special than another night in a generic property. “ – also from BD+C

Renovation of Surfsong’s guest facilities, the overall site and landscape design has significant impact as well. The design team even spent time on site selecting and placing boulders for the patio and the custom fire feature, for a natural feel to the beachfront setting. This all helps to distinguish the Surfsong experience.

 “Surfsong blends the privacy of a villa with the convenience of a resort in a natural beach front setting.”