EVOLVED DESIGN IN THE DIGITAL AGE: Exploring New Frontiers of Artistry and Technology

Innovative technology can be a powerful tool in the Design Consultant’s arsenal, providing Clients the means to view and understand Design Solutions unlike ever before.

Yet, like any modern craftsman, the tools themselves are only as good as the artisans who wield them.  Be they in the hands of a new generation of Designers, or in the field by an experienced Project Manager, how can these instruments be leveraged to maximize return on Design Investment?

At the Office:
Digital drafting boards permit quicker turnaround of design iterations, allowing flexibility to explore a broader range of solutions in a fraction of the time. Visualization has been made easy.  Real-time 3D modeling, Photorealistic rendering, and Virtual Reality provide interactive tools for evaluating integrated Site, Architecture, and Landscape solutions for built environments.

In the Field:
A growing list of mobile device applications allow accurate and instant feedback for complex and critical site design decisions in the field.  Utilizing a device’s built-in GPS, many provide accurate geo-spatial data without internet or network connection requirements.  These tools can augment or shortcut the need for conventional, and costly, field surveying during the early stages of the design and decision-making process.

On the Horizon:
Increasingly, Universities are integrating technology and software into their design curriculum.  Students preparing to enter the workforce do so with an expanding catalog of software and technological proficiency.  Astute Design firms actively recruit such young talent with the intent of incorporating these evolving skillsets into their project team’s design process.

Evolved Design elevates the quality, accuracy, and timing of specialized Design firms.  Driving the limits of new technologies is one example of how DTJ continues to push innovation in the design landscape.

And, with the increased demand for flexibility of ever-changing work environments, these tools will consistently demonstrate value to the bottom line.