Initial Planning Studies – Beyond Yield

Quick and cost effective planning studies provide insight into project potential.  DTJ’s extensive experience in a wide variety of projects and proven, market-driven product prototypes, gives us the unique ability to offer our clients a cost effective initial planning strategy. Such studies provide information needed to make strategic and informed decisions without investing substantial time and money.  The key benefits of Initial Planning Studies include:

Identify Opportunities and Constraints – Knowing what’s there and how it impacts development is an important first step. An early planning study incorporates a physical site inventory that helps identify important physical attributes that may impact development of the property.  This includes important site features and environmentally sensitive areas that may need to be preserved or protected as part of the planning and development process. Identifying the important assets of the site creates an opportunity to differentiate the project and establish a unique vision for the community.

Establish realistic expectations for land use, product types and density – An early planning study can range from initial conceptual ideas or alternatives, that help identify and determine the best approach and strategy for development;

to conceptual master plans, that identify and illustrate how the development strategy can be organized on the site, including applying land use types and densities to developable areas;

to more site specific plans and yield studies, for one or more parcels of land, that test the assumptions of the land use, product types and densities, to create a more accurate representation of cost, revenue and value.

Enhance Community Goals and Vision – Early planning studies are a good tool to help identify, create or enhance Community Goals and Vision for a project.  This helps establish the look and feel of a project before there is significant investment in detailed planning and design. Planning Studies can also be used to test the assumptions of the Master Plan to guide the future detailed planning process and the development Team toward a common vision.


Let DTJ assist you in unlocking the potential of your existing or future project.