Millennial Buyer

What’s OUT is IN

In the desire to capture the Millennial buyer, builders are focused on what type of housing will appeal to this demographic.  And rightly so; even larger than the famed Baby Boomer generation Millennials have delayed home purchases and builders are poised to tap into this potentially powerful market.  Architecture is hip and edgy to capture the imagination; floor plans are smaller, with flexible spaces, simplified design elements and modern touches.

We are finding that the features outside the home are just as important, and often more central in decision making than the attributes inside the home.  Builders are wise to consider what amenities they can bring or tap into for the community that will appeal to this buyer.

Unlike the Yuppies of yesteryear, Millennials are more interested in what they do than how much they make. They prefer organic foods, biking vs. driving, and supporting small, local businesses.  Many are more environmentally conscious than their parents.  These trends can be expressed in their choice of amenities.  Our community design now includes more urban mixed uses; neighborhood coffee shop, restaurant, co-working space, and community fitness center, all with high speed Wifi, dog parks, community gardens, and bike share opportunities.   Pedestrian and bike connectivity within the neighborhood and to amenities in the surrounding community is a must.  In the end, thinking OUT will give you an IN with this buyer!