Welcome to Expressions

Welcome to Expressions, the newest way for DTJ to share our thoughts about the ever-changing world of design.  DTJ places significant value to engaging the greater realm of our design industry, to further our knowledge and experiences beyond our doors. For over 40 years, Principals and Associates have served on panels and spoken at major conferences and events throughout the world.  However, the collective DTJ voice has many perspectives and much more to share; we needed a more diverse forum for Expression.

So here we are, not as a lecture series or even a Principal led publication.  Rather Expressions seeks to be a place of a broader observation; one that addresses design from the perspective of the 1st year intern, as well as the 20-year veteran.  A forum to delve into the broader topic of design and all that entails.  How is industrial design influencing the built environment?  What places are we visiting that are changing our perspective?  How is technology changing how we interact with the landscape of our lives?

Expressions will be about DESIGN as an ideal and what that means to each of us, regardless of any application to our current projects.  As I write this introduction and think about this opportunity, this idea becomes even more thrilling; I can’t wait to become both a contributor and a reader.

I am eager to learn more about how our team thinks about design.  I am a bit apprehensive about living up to our high expectations. Most of all, I am curious to see what Expressions brings out of us.

Bill Campie, President