Celebration Park Pavilion

This pavilion anchors Celebration Park and serves as the central gathering space for the surrounding neighborhood of 172 homes. Each zone of the park spins off the pavilion which acts as the hub for park users to relax in the shade while staying connected to the open lawn, kids play area, and dog park. The modern farmhouse aesthetic of the surrounding homes provided the design inspiration for the barn like structure that is simple in form but unique and modern in detailing. To achieve the look of the wood cladding on the exterior, an aluminum siding product was utilized to comply with the noncombustible structure requirements and eliminates the maintenance needs of real wood. Concealed fasters provide an elegant and streamlined look while also eliminating the possibility of snagging clothing or skin.

The spaced slats provide interest and drama by creating a semi-transparent design that offers shade and privacy while also maintaining visual connectivity to the rest of the park. At night, the anchored string lights create intimacy within the space and illuminate the structure like a glowing lantern. The flush deck flows seamlessly inside and around the pavilion connecting the outside seating areas and the BBQ with the interior. The awnings on each side of the building create visual interest that draws you in while also providing additional shade and patterning outside the structure.

While simple in form, the materials, connections, and detailing have all been carefully crafted to create a unique and elegant structure that will serve as a timeless focal point of the neighborhood.

Photography provided by Howard Hughes.




Howard Hughes


Cypress, Texas


.95 acres