Daydream Forest Children’s Park

There is no greater stimulus to the inherent curiosity of a child’s mind than that of what exists in nature. At Daydream Forest, children and families alike will be treated to a fantastical tour of the senses, challenging their very physical and mental aptitude in a whimsical adventure setting – where real life things we connect with in nature and life, take on a vision filtered through a child’s eyes. This creates a unique, storybook-like adventure that teaches kids strong values, morals, and skills for life.

There are four major zones in the park, each providing unique insight into nature and human culture through elements of play, adventure, and education. Zone 1 contains the Children’s Discovery Center where they can adventure through a multi-level museum and adventure center, experiencing our climate and our prehistoric pasts. Zone 2, “Agritopia,” focuses on where our food comes from, and the many facets of agricultural production of today and the future of tomorrow. Zone 3 focuses on the biodiversity of our planet, from birds in the sky, to insects that crawl under foot, in a setting where kids become one of these creatures for a day. Finally, Zone 4 or “Adventure Forest,” focuses on the wilderness of and living amongst it, teaching children appreciation of the forest and mountains, and how to survive and thrive within them.

With themes including agriculture, biodiversity, and outdoor skills, Daydream Forest provides numerous opportunities to learn and play through immersion. Whether it be families or school groups, Daydream Forest is the perfect getaway to the nature of fun.

Features include 10,000+ square meter Children’s Discovery Center and Museum, 10 themed play experiences, kids overnight camp and activities, onsite family lodging, immersive skills learning and activities, and onsite school group education programs.




OCT Xiangyang


Xiangyang, China


21 hectare themed education and non-powered play park for school aged children


Architecture, Planning + Landscape Architecture