Extreme Experience Pavilion Indoor Water Park

The Extreme Experience Pavilion Indoor Water Park transports guests into a world where water and technology have merged to create a fantastical experience for families of all ages. The interweaving of thrill rides, pools, and lazy rivers move guests through the park that is uniquely divided into four zones, each with its own theme and character. DTJ’s artful integration of architecture, landscape architecture, and planning solidifies the futuristic theming. During the day, natural light highlights the translucent character of each ride; as evening approaches, the spaceship-like structure reveals galaxy systems and other lighting effects and laser and video projections. Retail, dining, and entertainment options surround the park, creating an action-packed day.

The planting design is key to reinforcing a visual connection to the tropical resorts of Southeast Asia. Using exclusively faux plant material, the landscape design features natural and manicured areas, and bright colors and striking textures are used as a vibrant backdrop.

The Extreme Experience Pavilion Indoor Water Park is part of a world-class cultural tourism resort with distinctive characteristics, seeking to be the largest and highest level indoor and full-season water park. Composed of six pavilions including the Family Pavilion, Children’s World, Water Fun, Sports Arena, Passion Challenge, and Extreme Experience, each pavilion has two floors of indoor corridor connection, providing a wide range of activities for families of all ages.




Gongzhuling Jiaqin Tourism Development Co.


Changchun, China


861,112 SF


Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Visioning + Storytelling