Happy Valley Beijing

This Park represents a truly unique, one-of-a-kind experience for children and families alike. An opportunity to experience two distinct park themes, designed as a single, complete story to explore, discover and imagine your way along your journey.

Cookie Kingdom at Ant Land
Much like our own experience, as the ant’s culture evolved over time, their residents sought out entertainment as a means of enjoyment and diversion from their daily routines. During this cultural maturation, Captain Cookie, notable for his family-friendly brand, and emphasis on sugary snacks, cemented itself as the premier entertainment brand through the ant populace. As their community started to grow, along with the Captain Cookie Brand, the Ants decided the timing was right to build a theme park built around this idea for their residents to enjoy.

Shangri-La at Happy Valley
The “Shangri-La” lives in the embodiment of the spirit and physical stage set within the spaces of Western China by mother nature. This region of Happy Valley in Beijing will lead patrons on a journey inspired by the ancient “Tea Horse Road” in a compressed expression of this vast trade route journey through Western China and Tibet, also known as “Paradise on Earth.”




OCT Beijing Happy Valley, Shenzhen CCIA + Cultural Tourism Development Co, Ltd.


Beijing, China


8 ha; 5 ha for renovation of Shangri La area and 3 ha for renovation of Ant area


Master Planning, Architecture + Landscape Architecture