Category: Sustainability

Water Use in the West and the New Not-So-New Thinking About Our Landscapes
Warm weather is upon us, the time of year when we get excited about the possibilities of a new project’s growth or have a renewed energy toward our home garden. But despite the beautiful weather, we find ourselves in an unprecedented time of change where future priorities are reevaluated every day.
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Performance Landscapes
Performance Landscapes – Putting Sustainability to Work in Resort Design The resort industry, traditionally a realm for escape and indulgence, is slowly but surely accommodating a more complex spectrum of consumer desires. As climate change and environmental concerns grow, increasing numbers of vacationers are seeking restorative leisure time that sends them home with a lighter,…
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Water Wise Landscaping
Water-Wise Landscaping For All Regions Water as a scarce resource isn’t news, but we’re hearing about it more of the time and in more places. We’ll continue to. While regions differ (here in Colorado, we’ve had our wettest year in 10 while California, New Mexico, and Texas are still sitting in drought), water conservation has…
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