Category: Planning

Initial Planning Studies – Beyond Yield
Quick and cost effective planning studies provide insight into project potential.  DTJ’s extensive experience in a wide variety of projects and proven, market-driven product prototypes, gives us the unique ability to offer our clients a cost effective initial planning strategy. Such studies provide information needed to make strategic and informed decisions without investing substantial time and…
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Preserve Design through Approvals
DTJ has been successful in obtaining development approvals for over 200,000 homes in 300 communities spread across 41 states and 15 countries.  Our targeted approval strategies and beneficial relationships with City agencies can reduce the time from design to implementation. Based on our extensive (and beautiful) project portfolio many developers, builders and City staff think…
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Planning for the Bottom Line
  Planning for the Bottom Line Planning pays, it doesn’t cost.  Experienced developers understand that cost-effective infrastructure and competitive fees benefit the bottom line.  DTJ’s planning services are targeted to achieve your goals. We recognize that the appropriate level of capital investment is critical for all types of development. Strategic planning actually results in cost…
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