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An Argument For Renaming Landscape Architecture
Is It Time For A Nomenclature Shift: An Argument For Renaming Landscape Architecture Perhaps this is simply a pet peeve, but I know that it is a pet peeve of many in the field.  It is an unfortunately common occurrence in which I have been mistaken for a landscaper after trying, in vain, to explain…
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Light in the Garden Exhibit
This post is about my recent trip to Atlanta Botanical Gardens to visit the Light in the Garden exhibit by Bruce Munro. As a new transplant to Atlanta from Colorado, ABG is my first local membership. Luckily that came in handy for member tickets to the exhibit which I plan to take advantage of again…
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Boulder’s First Parklet
A Design Competition for Boulder’s Parklet on The Hill In the Spring of 2014, the City of Boulder, CO organized its first ever design competition to design and build a parklet. What exactly is a parklet? A parklet is a miniature, often temporary, park that replaces one to two parking spaces on the street and…
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