Category: Residential

A Neighborhood Mosaic: Product Variety without the Headache
Sites are smaller, and buyers expect an urban lifestyle – even in suburban locations.  This can be achieved through a mix of higher-density products, varied streetscapes and purposeful open spaces.  On the surface, these are familiar goals.  So how can volume builders and developers mix housing to match the pace of their business plans? Prior…
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Salt Lake City Rising
A recent adventure brought me to Salt Lake City to experience a portion of Utah’s ski country. Although skiing was the impetus for the trip my aspirations extended well beyond the ski lifts. As a first time visitor to the Salt Lake Valley, my internal agenda was full and I planned to explore the city…
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Millennial Buyer
What’s OUT is IN In the desire to capture the Millennial buyer, builders are focused on what type of housing will appeal to this demographic.  And rightly so; even larger than the famed Baby Boomer generation Millennials have delayed home purchases and builders are poised to tap into this potentially powerful market.  Architecture is hip…
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